Bushwick Art Update December 2017

The work in Bushwick is vital, fresh, and there is a palpable energy here.

Barbara Laube has studied throughout Europe. She also studiedĀ in New York with founding member Joop Sanders, along with Willem de Kooning and Milton Resnick of the American Abstract Expressionist group. She has studied at Pratt Institute, New York Studio School, and the School of Visual Arts.

Wen Tao is an MFA student in Painting and Drawing at Pratt Institute. She grew up in Shanghai, China before coming to the US.

Rachel Piering is a painter of SEMI-ABSTRACT PORTRAITS of PEOPLE and ANIMALS using colors, lines, shapes and texture. Never restricted to one medium she enjoys painting on canvas, vinyl, wood and metal. She has a passion for pushing color palettes to the extreme to find color schemes that are both harmonious and loud.

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