Tacita Dean’s Retrospective

Tacita Dean’s retrospective exhibition at Museo Tamayo in Mexico City shows the artist’s progression from 1986-2016. The works show large and small paintings, photos, and manipulated postcards. She targeted her more ephemeral and poetic works for her Mexican audience. Her series: A Concordance of Fifty American Clouds (2015 – 16) are a collection of paintings that communicate the morphing identity of clouds. For Ant, Teotihuacán (2016), is a series of four found postcards manipulated with gouache, based on her experience at Teotihuacán. While at the archeological site, Dean sat at the base of the Sun Pyramid and stared at an ant crawling around a rock, imagining its dimensional time-space. She thought about how, perhaps, this rock was the ant’s own Sun Pyramid


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