Can Taste Overcome Aesthetics?


Apparently not in the hopelessly disappointing collective Mazy. This is where artists Jose Keeph and Phil May have created a bad interrogation of our consumption of food in the Photoshop age. But, clearly, what isn’t a matter of taste is how successful their “art” is.

In a frail attempt at commenting on the culinary exploits of sycophants on instagram they fail, objectively.

“Went of stasis before it’s either eaten or thrown away. In as much as it is said that a person is what they eat, the collection of digital prints range in order from being tongue-in-cheek to starkly disconcerting in how visceral they are.”

The surrealistic elements of Still Lives imaginative re-envisioning of traditional food photography that gives the show its greatest amount of verve. In presenting their compositions, Keefe and Ma seem less interested in making the visual presentation of food seem more present, so much as they are in highlighting

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