Overdonk began at 1717 Troutman, where a few galleries like Regina Rex, and Ortega y Gassett, were also operating. Bushwick was attractive because of its open, industrial architecture, proximity to the L, and affordable rents. The last factor turned out to be unreliable, when in 2015 our landlords at 17-17 Troutman gave the boot to all of the galleries leasing space in the building. We moved to a temporary location in Williamsburg, while hunting for our current home at 1329 Willoughby.  We have found a great landlord and are lucky to again be in the vicinity of other artist-run spaces such as Transmitter, TSA, and Microscope.

Tell me about your organization and mode of operation.

In curatorial and administrative matters we pride ourselves on our flexibility. We accommodate and respect one another’s individual interests and scheduling constraints. That said, we meet no less than once a month, and we email all the time. Keeping membership at eleven allows each of us to curate around one show a year, with room for our annual benefit auction. That is happening soon, in late February/early March, via Paddle8. We are also always happy to hear proposals for visiting curator exhibitions, performances, and readings.

How do you see Overdonk in context of other artist groups in the area?

We feel that professionalism is an important aspect of what we do. For instance, we recently acquired both fine art and liability insurance. We also believe, however, that in certain spaces, like our own, professionalism can be overemphasized, to the detriment of experimentation and openness. We hope to remain broad-minded and open to new ideas, regardless of any shifts in the character of the neighborhood and New York at large.

Osamu Kobayashi, "Woogie", Solo Exhibition, Installation image, 2016

Osamu Kobayashi, “Woogie”, Solo Exhibition, Installation image, 2016

Do you share an aesthetic vision for your group and curatorial projects?

No, not officially! Members are unrestrained when it comes to organizing shows. Most of us turn to one another for feedback or suggestions on artists to include, so there ends up being a sense of continuity.

 Patrice Renee Washington, "Rags and Rinds", Solo Exhibition, Installation image, 2016

Do you do collaborative work?

We often co-curate shows, and we have participated in several exchanges with other galleries. We sometimes invite guest curators to put together shows in our space, without the exchange component. Whenever we organize large scale events, such as our annual auction, it is a huge group effort. All of this we consider as collaboration. On an individual level, many of us have collaborated with other artists outside of Overdonk.


Bushwick Art Update December 2017

The work in Bushwick is vital, fresh, and there is a palpable energy here.

Barbara Laube has studied throughout Europe. She also studied in New York with founding member Joop Sanders, along with Willem de Kooning and Milton Resnick of the American Abstract Expressionist group. She has studied at Pratt Institute, New York Studio School, and the School of Visual Arts.

Wen Tao is an MFA student in Painting and Drawing at Pratt Institute. She grew up in Shanghai, China before coming to the US.

Rachel Piering is a painter of SEMI-ABSTRACT PORTRAITS of PEOPLE and ANIMALS using colors, lines, shapes and texture. Never restricted to one medium she enjoys painting on canvas, vinyl, wood and metal. She has a passion for pushing color palettes to the extreme to find color schemes that are both harmonious and loud.